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  • George Woodhouse

    George Woodhouse

    Not a politician but a highly political animal with very strong views based on fairness, levelling up not down, free health & education but mostly DEMOCRACY!

  • Jenny Patterson

    Jenny Patterson

  • Douglas Rouse

    Douglas Rouse

  • Tom Johnson

    Tom Johnson

    Presently a nurse, formerly a husband, irrevocably a Dad. Why are people following me; I’m not up to anything.

  • Tim McKay

    Tim McKay

  • Oguzhan D

    Oguzhan D

    Graduate of MSc Management Engineering in the field of Design Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Jay Arbore

    Jay Arbore

  • Jan Hull

    Jan Hull

    Born in Sweden, lived 3 years in the UK, in the US since 1986, deeply politically interested since late 1940s. Believes in the good intentions of most people.

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