Up There.

Anthony B. Carr
1 min readApr 20, 2019


Up there. Above the clouds.
Why wait for the sun when you can meet in the sky?
Out there. Away from the world.
A place where normal rules don’t apply.

The ultimate control. Inputs and moves.
Terra Firma beneath an untouchable soar.
The high of not being in control. Life dancing on razor’s edge.
Too busy for fear in heavenly chore.

Master and slave of wind and wave,
Unshakeable bearing, stalwart resolve.
Drinking and savouring the tenths of the hours,
Every knot and degree, every problem to solve.

Luck rides along, bouncing with glee.
Keep her secure and she’ll keep you free.
Let her slip and she plummets to Earth,
You’re soon to follow, flames rising to meet.

Landing is such sweet sorrow.
The ride is over, the season passed.
But a glance at the compass every now and again;
One day, back in the sky at last.

William Sommers is an American writer.



Anthony B. Carr

Manager, traveller, lawyer, pilot, retired military officer, family man, and perpetual student engaged in random acts of expression.